Firm Services

As the world continues to move toward a fully integrated global economy, obtaining, managing, protecting and enforcing intellectual property must be among the highest priorities of every business concern. We help clients with all of these tasks. Specifically, we strive to create value for our clients by helping them build and enhance their intellectual property portfolios, as well as helping them navigate around and/or assess the risk associated with the intellectual property holdings of others. We also assist our clients to develop and execute strategies that allow them to maximize the value of their intellectual property, through licensing, teaming and cooperative arrangements, acquisitions and, when necessary, litigation.

The primary vehicles for protecting intellectual property are trademarks, patents, copyrights and trade secrets.  The attorneys at The Belles Group, P.C. possess expertise in identifying which of these four mechanisms are most-effective to accomplish our clients’ goals. When appropriate, our attorneys will combine and balance these four mechanisms in a holistic manner to secure the most valuable protection for our clients. Below is a non-exclusive listing of the various types of services and tasks we perform:

    • Patentability Searching, Assessment, and Opinions
    • Domestic and Foreign Patent Preparation and Prosecution (Utility and Design)
    • Appeals to Patent Board of Appeals & Interferences
    • Freedom-To-Operate and New Product Risk Assessment
    • Patent Infringement Litigation, Offensive and Defensive
    • Learn more about patents
    • Brand Selection and Development
    • Domestic and Foreign Trademark Prosecution, Including Portfolio Development and Management
    • Trade Dress Protection and Enforcement
    • Petitions for Cancellation and Oppositions to Trademarks
    • Appeals to the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board (TTAB)
    • Monitoring and Protecting Against Misuse of Trademarks
    • Litigation Relating to Infringement, Dilution, Product Disparagement and Unfair Trade Practices
    • Learn more about trademarks
    • Prosecuting Copyright Applications for Written Works, Computer Software, Computer Databases, Internet Websites, Musical Works, V
    • Works for Hire
    • Advising on Fair Use of Copyrightable Works and Software Development Using Clean Room Procedures
    • Copyright Litigation, Offensive and Defensive
    • Drafting Confidentiality, Non-Circumvention, and Non-Disclosure Agreements
    • Protection Strategies for Trade Secrets
    • Litigating Trade Secret Misappropriation Claims
    • Provide legal counsel for issues relating to computer networking, data protection and encryption, web-site security, digital pri
    • Enforce rights against copy-cat web sites and software pirates using the shutdown provisions of the DMCA
    • Develop legal strategies to protect the databases of data aggregators protect
    • Provide counsel to data miners to identify the legal limits of their activities
    • License and Royalty Agreements
    • Distribution, Branding and Private-Labeling Agreements
    • Partnering and Joint Development Agreements
    • Website Usage Agreements, Including Security and Information Management

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